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The Data Protection Officer for the religious association of Jehovas Zeugen in Deutschland can be reached at:

Jehovas Zeugen in Deutschland
Am Steinfels 1
65618 Selters (Taunus)
Email: g

The Datenschutzaufsicht Jehovas Zeugen (Data Protection Supervisory Authority of Jehovah’s Witnesses) can be reached at:

Datenschutzaufsicht Jehovas Zeugen
Grünauer Straße 104
12557 Berlin

The legal basis for this supervisory authority was published in Amtsblatt von Jehovas Zeugen, Ausgabe 2, Jahrgang 2018.

The Privacy Policy of the worldwide religious community of Jehovah’s Witnesses, available on JW.ORG, also applies to the religious association.