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Branch Office

Our branch office in Selters (Taunus) is the administrative and printing centre in Germany and bears the biblical name “Bethel”, meaning “House of God”. This name is very appropriate, as all the men and women living there are Christians dedicated to God. Most are members of the religious order. Others serve as volunteers. Both groups devote all their time and energy to support the public preaching activity.

Assembly Halls

In Germany, there are eight Assembly Halls that serve as venues for regional, all-day religious services (conventions and assemblies).

Kingdom Halls

For our weekly worship, we use dedicated buildings known as “Kingdom Halls” (houses of worship). In Germany, we have about 850 of these halls.

A Kingdom Hall is functional and simple. It consists mainly of a podium with a lectern and rows of seating. It also has a library and an area where Bible-based publications can be obtained.